Saturday, July 30, 2016

Silver Snakes, Seahaven, Letlive... all at the Boardwalk last night

Alex Estrada, vocals and guitar, Silver Snakes
Alex Estrada, Silver Snakes, Chicago Open Air
(I wasn't photographing last night, so these photos were all taken at Chicago Open Air.)

It was very interesting to see both Silver Snakes, and letlive, twice within a very short time--less than two weeks--and in such different environments.

At Chicago Open Air, before thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people, both bands playing the festival's second stage, outdoors, as the festival's name suggests. And then last night, at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, before an audience of maybe two hundred, if you counted very carefully (which I didn't); a compact venue, a tiny stage, sweaty, and dark, very dark.

Jason Aalon Butler, vocals, letlive
Jason Aalon Butler, letlive, Chicago Open Air
These bands put every ounce of energy into their performance, regardless of the size of the stage, the venue, or the audience. (Seahaven too, had many in the audience singing along to their songs--it was my first time seeing or hearing them.)  letlive's Jason Aalon Butler again launched himself into the crowd and continued singing while being passed from person to person, then back onto the stage.

Jeremiah Bignell, guitar, Silver Snakes
Jeremiah Bignell, Silver Snakes, Chicago Open Air
For those who haven't experienced the live sound of Silver Snakes yet, or experienced a letlive performance, you have another Sacramento opportunity: both bands are now included in the lineup for Aftershock in October at Discovery Park!

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