Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Darby and Walk The Line - a rising star

The Bloodshake Chorus
Darby, Bloodshake Chorus

 You may have heard me raving about a Norfolk band, The Bloodshake Chorus; my first live show after returning to the UK from California, and I've also caught them at Bearded Theory festival and Cromer Carnival. But last night the entire world (at least, that part of the entire world that watches ITV talent/entertainment shows) saw and heard the powerhouse that is Darby. Vocalist with Bloodshake Chorus, performing on his own - with one piano, no huge production - on ITV's (very strange) new show, Walk The Line. Singing the beautiful song, I Who Have Nothing, covered by many - most famously by Shirley Bassey - but never as strongly as this.

In case you missed it, you can experience Darby's performance here:

 Standing ovation from the judges. Collective gasps from the audience.

No, Darby didn't go through to the next round - he was the one who the previous night's winner, Ella, had to beat. She went through. Don't ask me why. Don't ask the many folks who commented on #walktheline on Twitter either - Darby's performance was hugely appreciated. I just have to put it down to TV "talent" shows not being entirely about the talent, the voice, the performance, the music. We've seen it too often - it's more about the story that a performer tells to give them the edge - Simon Cowan's idea of entertainment, and why I rarely watch these shows (other than the early sessions of The Voice, when the judges have their backs turned... but even that is all sad stories. Every person on this planet has a story to tell - let's hear it in the music, please). I cringe too much when someone sings in that very-slightly-off-key way, tells a sad story, then wins.

In my mind, Darby won this show hands down: not by going through to the next round or by winning half a million pounds (though I'm sure that would have been a very useful sum to put in the bank): rather, by exposing his musical soul and magical voice to so many people. 

My understanding is that there's a single to be released soon:


Listen to it. "Like" it. Follow Darby on Facebook (look out for the wonderful song with RedNek), Twitter, and whereever else you find him on social media. This man is a star. He's rising.

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  1. Darby was an amazing he should of gone into the next round !!! Maybe they could bring him back ! 🤔

  2. I got goose bumps. Brilliant voice.

  3. Where has this guy been - more to the point where is he going !!! His performance was wasted on Walk the line he would be better off concentrating on a show that would really take him somewhere but at least hes been heard. Big love.

  4. When can we expect an album? As soon as Darby opened his mouth, that's the first thing I said. Amazing voice brought me the feels.

  5. Just hope we hear more from him - it was a sham

  6. I hope you're right about the single, I for one need to hear more