Sunday, April 7, 2019

Marillion weekend, Port Zelande, 2019... and more to come!

Steve Hogarth, vocals, Marillion
Steve Hogarth, Friday, Marillion Weekend PZ 2019
It's already two weeks since the first Marillion weekend of 2019, when thousands of fans from all around the world - literally, all around the world, there were people from more than 45 countries - spend the whole, long weekend at Centre Parks, Port Zelande, The Netherlands. It was a feast of music, a celebration of friends, three huge Marillion concerts and a light show to compete with any ever seen.

Before the show: Marillion
Marillion, Saturday, Marillion Weekend PZ 2019
The series of Marillion weekends happen every two years, and continue throughout early 2019: next weekend at the Wytwornia in Łódź, Poland; April 26th-28th at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK; 17th-19th May at L'Olympia, Montreal, Canada; then 31st May-2nd June at Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal. The Leicester and Lisbon weekends are sold out, as was PZ within minutes of the tickets going on sale. You might still be able to get in to the events in Lodz and in Montreal, but hurry up - those tickets will soon be gone.

Once you have experienced one Marillion weekend - or even one live Marillion show - it's an addiction. You have to see them again, and again, and again.

Port Zelande, The Netherlands, 24 March 2019: Marillion performing on the final night of the PZ weekend 2019.
Marillion, Sunday, Marillion Weekend, Port Zelande, Netherlands, 2019
Not revealing the PZ setlist here, as there are many fans who like the surprise for the first weekend they attend. If you really want to know, go to and search - that's what it's for. But be aware there are some spoilers in these photo galleries.

Photos from the Port Zelande weekend:

See you all next weekend in Łódź, Poland!

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Marillion, PZ, 2019
Marillion, Port Zelande, The Netherlands, 2019