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Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021: review and photos

Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021
Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021

You know it's nearly Christmas when you see the Cromer Pier Christmas Show - it's back and it's fun and it's a fast-moving, traditional variety show with something for everyone. Host Olly Day is hilarious and now I know that I really, really must call the town Croomer if I ever want to be considered any sort of an almost-local-incomer. We really needed the Croomer Barbie outfit walking on the pier to the show on Friday night (thermal undies, waterproofs, and an umbrella that turns inside-out) because it was a cold, damp, and blustery night, but the show and the Pavilion Theatre itself were enough to warm us to the heart.

Rob McVeigh, vocalist
Rob McVeigh, vocalist and director, with the Cromer Pier Ensemble dancers

Instant costume changes and delightful scenery, lighting, and backdrops transported us from one Christmas world to another, and another, and another. Yes, I saw Santa. You have to look out for him: he's very, very fast. Practicing for the big night.

Olly Day and Jo Little
Host Olly Day and comic and singer Jo Little

Comedy, dance, song, magic and illusion; rinse and repeat. All with a Christmas theme. We even went for a ride on the Polar Express. 

Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021
Cromer Pier Show dancers plus fire-eater Rebecca Foyle

I'm always impressed by the dancers at the Cromer Pier shows: summer or winter, they move from ballet to jazz and rock-and-roll with such supple ease. They make Cromer's Pavilion Theatre feel like it's in London's West end rather than being in the unique situation at the end of a Victorian pier out over the North Sea. Yes, it's the only end-of-the-pier variety show in the world!
Olly Day, comedien and host
Olly Day and his volunteer selection device. And a snowman.

Despite the pandemic, there's still audience participation from a (great) distance: Olly Day chose a volunteer (at least I think she volunteered but I don't think there was much of an option!) using a new Covid-safe device. And then had us all scratching our heads at his sleight of hand with a giant card trick - how did he do that??? 

Hayley Moss, soprano
Soprano Hayley Moss

Beautiful singing from soprano Hayley Moss, vocalist and director of the show Rob McVeigh, and comic Jo Little. I loved the a-capella version of Leonard Cohen's Halleluja (and was delighted to hear the original lyrics - too many covers have messed with them).

At the end of the show, Olly Day paid tribute to people lost over the past two years: this includes two stars of shows past, Phil Butler and Paul Eastwood. It showed how much of a close community the members of the show casts are - and how much the pier shows are a part of the hearts of everyone who lives here or visits on holiday.

The new lighting and large backdrop screen that were installed over the pandemic while the Pavilion Theatre was shut really enhance the shows; and the Christmas Show has extra magic, with fairy lights all around the theatre and coloured icicles that echo the stage lighting. Lovely job with the lights and sound! 

Rob McVeigh, vocalist
Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021

The Cromer Pier Christmas Show continues until 30th December with both matinee and evening shows. The show lasts about two hours with a short interval where you can feast on ice cream or visit the iconic bar at the end of the pier. Check out the days and times and book your tickets here!

Cromer Pier Christmas Show 2021
Finale with confetti!!!

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Taylor Morgan, magician and illusionist
Magician and illusionist Taylor Morgan

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