Pet and animal photography

Happy dogs on the beach
Bria and friend
Pet, horse and livestock photography

Pets are such an important part of family life, and such special friends. Why not capture some of those happy moments in an action portrait? On the beach, in the park, in the field, we can do it!


Like human family members, every animal has a unique character. Do they enjoy running and chasing a ball, or are they happy with a sedate stroll? Do they enjoy romping with other dogs, or are they shy and quiet?

Puppies or seniors, working dogs or couch potatoes, from chihuahuas to great danes, all are welcome!

We specialise in outdoor photography in natural light rather than studio or posed photos. For more information, and to schedule a photo outing, go to

Spice the Greyhound
Spice the Greyhound
And not only dogs. Here are just a few examples: see Alison Toon Photographer's website for many more examples.

Don't You Want Me
Horses too...

Mother sheep and twin lambs

SACRAMENTO, CA, 26 JULY 2013: Llamas and alpacas at the  California State Fair, 28rd July 2013
And yes, llamas and alpacas too