Monday, July 11, 2016

Jack-in-the-Box Freestyle Motocross at California State Fair... wow!!!

Freestyle motocross, California State Fair
When you watch the freestyle motocross at the California State Fair, you see the riders and their bikes jump up from a ramp above a hard, concrete, empty pool, yet-another victim of the California drought. In a split second, you see the riders perform acrobatic feats with names like "Superman"; handstands, twists, turns, one-handed, no-handed; and then get back on the bike in time to land on the down-ramp, before returning, to jump again, and again. Three shows a day, at 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm, every day of the fair.

It's loud: the bikes rev and roar. The crowd cheers. One jump is surpassed by the next, and the next. You wonder how the riders do this. There are ski-lift chairs passing close overhead; the floor is close, hard, and the descent is fast.

But take a look at the aeriel ballet that these guys perform...

Motocross at the California State Fair

Watch me, I'm flying
Many more photos of the Jack-In-The-Box sponsored Freestyle Motocross in the California State Fair photogallery (and also in the Motorbike and Motocross gallery, which includes pictures from the 2015 State Fair). Take a look at the graceful moves... and then remember, they have but a split second to do this, get back on the bike, and land it safely. And realise what an extreme sport this is.

Freestyle Motocross

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