Sunday, July 24, 2016

Korn at Chicago Open Air; photos: and a new video, new album on the way... preorder now!

Jonathan Davis, vocals, Korn
Johnathan Davis, Korn, Chicago Open Air
Performing before arguably the most intense crowd of the Chicago Open Air weekend--Korn.

Jonathan Davis, vocals, Korn
Jonathan Davis, HR Giger, Korn at Chicago Open Air
A good, strong, festival set of Korn songs: opening the show with Right Now from 2003's Take A Look In The Mirror, premiering Rotting In Vain from Serenity of Suffering (see below), and through to Freak on a Leash, they kept the audience rocking, surfing, and moving like a giant Korn-powered monster with a life of it's own. Loads more crowd photos in the photogallery!

Korn, Chicago Open Air 2016
There's something very very special about a live Korn show, not least of which for any art-movie-sculpture fan, seeing the beautiful H.R. Giger-designed microphone stand that Jonathan Davis uses as his partner, muse and headbanging support, center stage, a stunning piece of work.

Brian Head Welch, guitar, Korn
Brian Welch, guitar, Korn
Wild, energetic, and wonderful. That's Korn. Currently on tour .. see if you can catch them! And then: October 23rd, at Aftershock in Sacramento! Absolutely not to be missed!

Korn, Chicago Open Air
Korn this week released a new video for the song premiered at Chicago Open Air: (no special prize for Sons of Anarchy fans recognizing the non-band member);  Rotting In Vain, taken from their upcoming album, The Serenity of Suffering, which has a planned release date of October 21st on Roadrunner Records. Preorder bundles are available through Korn's website, or from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Here's the video:

Many more photos in the Chicago Open Air Korn photogallery: click here to be magically transported there!  And here's just a glimpse of a small part of the crowd:

Huge crowd for Korn
Korn, performing at Chicago Open Air, 2016
... and another, Munky on the big screen, crowd going wild... let's make this happen again at Aftershock in October!!!

Huge crowd for Korn
Korn crowd at Chicago Open Air 2016

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