Thursday, July 7, 2016

California State Fair opens tomorrow!!!

Riding the WaveSwinger on a sunny day

What are you most looking forwards to? The hypnotist? The llamas? The deep-fried-bacon-wrapped-chocolate-on-a-stick? Riding on the midway fairground rides? Catching a show? The kids' art show? The horse shows and the horse racing? (Did you know you can sponsor a horse race, and have a box to watch the races... and dress up in a big hat if you want to!) The hot tub sales (does anyone ever buy one?) Queen Nation Chaka Khan, or one of the many other shows happening each day and evening? Deep-fried cheese curds (they are on my list)... or maybe bungee jumping? And the fireworks!!!

Whatever you love at the State Fair, and whatever you find new to love this year, it all begins tomorrow! (And the weather forecast for this weekend is just perfect.)

All the info is here on the California State Fair website! Seventeen days of fun in Sacramento... see you there!

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