Saturday, July 9, 2016

First day of the 2016 California State Fair... and this weekend has the perfect weather!

Motocross show
Motocross and the ski lift
Yesterday was the first day of the 2016 California State Fair, and we spent a happy evening in the petting zoo, the fairgrounds, watching horses, a motocross show, and eating deep-fried cheese curds for the first, and definitely not the last time, this summer.

Petting Zoo
Two-year-old Luna and a goat, in the petting zoo
There is so much to see and do at the State Fair that you cannot fit it all into one visit--that's why it's billed as the best 17 days of summer, it's here for seventeen days!

Motocross show
Motocross, California State Fair
So what's new this year? You'll probably notice the ski lift straight away; it runs from one side of the fairground to the other, giving an arial view of the entire fairgrounds. It also makes the motocross display really interesting, as the bikes appear to jump high enough to take a ride on the lift, or for a lift rider to hitch a ride on one of the bikes! I was wondering about timing a ride on the lift to coincide with the motocross... that might happen before the seventeen days are over!

Wave swinger ride
Wave Swinger and Midway fairground, California State Fair
The midway--the huge fairground--is arranged a little differently this year. There are some new rides for those who like hurtling through space at the speed of sound, and the belle of the fairground, the Wave Swinger, is positioned a little closer to the main entrance--probably because of the ski lift--which is going to make photographing her more tricky this time. Photographers: there's your challenge!

Poop hat prize
Win a poop hat!!! No, please don't... the giraffes and pigs are much cuter!
Fairground prizes: after last year's slightly-baffling prize bagels--the giant, stuffed, cuddly-toy bagels, not fairground-food bagels, the theme this year appears to be giraffes and pigs, including some really-enormous Peppa Pigs, one of which I really must try to win. But there are also Poop Hats. Yes, you heard it here first. You can win a Poop Hat at the State Fair!

Please, go win a Poop Hat, wear it, so that I can, and will, call you Sh@thead. OK? Seriously... WHY??? Please, go win a giraffe, instead!

Food: I headed straight for the cheese curds. More exploring to be done!

Sacramento Sherriff's Posse
Sacramento Sheriff's Posse
Today, there is horse racing, acrobats, much much more.... and... wait for it... CLYDESDALES. They are on at 5.30 in the horse arena according to the posted schedule. There have to be Clydesdales!!!

Tonight's show:  Chicago's alt-rock-pop-punk band the Plain White T's ! All the concert info can be found here on the State Fair website. There are lots of stages and much music, all around the fairground!

More photos here in the 2016 California State Fair photogallery, and more will be added! See you there!

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