Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pop Evil. Did I mention that I like Pop Evil? Or that they were at Chicago Open Air? Here are photos!!!

Leigh Kakaty, vocals, Pop Evil
Leigh Kakaty, Pop Evil, Chicago Open Air
Three times seeing Pop Evil in concert in less than one year, and I feel spoiled: first time, late last year at Aftershock in Sacramento, where the recently-issued 360 degree videos were recorded (and yes, you can find me in the pit if you watch it enough times); then on their headline tour, at the Ace of Spades, and most recently, at the inaugural Chicago Open Air.

Oh and yes, there are more photos, of all the band--click here to see them all.

Matt DiRito, bass, Pop Evil
Matt DiRito, bass, Pop Evil at Chicago Open Air
Each show, excellent, and each show, different. This time, without Chachi Riot (who departed the band in May), and also without new drummer Hayley Cramer (visa delay... thnx, US immigration, yet again, too many bands affected by this, this year). (The band's drummer did a great job--if anyone can share his name, please do, and I'll update this post!)  Good news: Hayley is now all set with visa and will be appearing with Pop Evil from now on. I'm hoping (yes, greedy, I know) to see them again soon. Maybe a road trip to catch up with then on their tour with Three Doors Down?

Leigh Kakaty, vocals, Pop Evil, crowdwalking
Walking on hands: Pop Evil at Chicago Open Air, 2016
The Chicago Open Air set kicked off with Deal with the Devil, and rocked through to the last notes of Footsteps. Leigh Kakaty walked on the crowd. Numerous surfers glided into the pit. Great show.

(I keep saying that. "Great show". At the risk of repeating myself over, and over, again, t was a great show. Pop Evil rocked! And the whole Chicago Open Air weekend too!!!)

Leigh Kakaty, vocals, Pop Evil
Pop Evil, Chicago Open Air
Many more photos from Pop Evil's show at Chicago Open Air in the photo gallery-click here!  And if you still haven't heard UP?  Check the album out here! It's at the ridiculously-low price of $6.99 this week... go for it!!!

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