Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trolls and copyright and a waste-of-my-time-and-energy

Spent part of my much-needed weekend, tracking down the management of a vicious gossip "forum" website, where people think it's OK to copy and post other people's copyright photographs, stories, news articles, etc. etc. etc., despite it being clearly stated in the membership agreement that they must not do so. And then twist words into their own narrow view of the world.

Not only did "they" steal my work, they used it to defame someone whom I'm sure they have never met, don't know, and are never likely to know. Why do people do that???

I don't read gossip magazines, I don't watch "reality" TV. (Folks, it's not reality. It's not real. The characters in those programs are ACTORS. It's all DRAMA generated to make you watch, and so that you crave and buy the things you see, and feel left-out if you can't afford it.) Your own life is reality: not mine, not some celebrity, not the guy's down the street.)  I don't care about politicians sex lives or what they do with their phones. As long as the guy down the street isn't abusing his wife or kids, and the politician isn't hoping for my vote, that is.

The gossip forum in question doesn't have an owner published through WhoIS; their site registration was done via a registration proxy; there's no contact telephone or "About Us" on their website, just a form for logging questions.

After several notices via the form, to the company that managed the registration process, and to the proxy registration service, the copyrighted photos and text have been removed from the forum. No doubt the people who hang out there will continue to spout their cruel opinions... I just do not appreciate having my blog and photos used in that type of "conversation".

Music photogs and bloggers out there: keep an eye on where your web traffic is coming from.

Now... back to the real weekend. Full of nice things... like last night's Queen Nation show, fresh tomatoes from the garden, and one more day of the State Fair.


... "Or you can love. You can love."

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