Monday, July 15, 2013

Bungee jumping at the California State Fair

ALISON TOON: More fun &emdash; Bungee jumping at the State Fair
SACRAMENTO, CA, JULY 2013: Bungee jumping at the California State Fair, Sacramento, from 130 feet above the ground. And yes, I know this is not music, but it sure is entertaining!

Age doesn't matter (but if you're under 16, you need your parent's or guardian's approval). Nor does height, shoe size or anything else apart from weight. There are minimum and maximum weight limits (which cover a vast range of human shapes and sizes). Different weights are accommodated with the different-colour bungee cords.

This is not something you'll see me doing. I'm happy just to document other people's jumps. Though I might be tempted to try the child's version (the one with the two elastics in a V-shape). But maybe not!

(I recommend that women who are planning to jump remember to wear a sports bra. You'll be handing upside-down and flung all over the place by the bungee cord... you work out what happens. Yes, it does, I saw it twice yesterday.)

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