Monday, July 1, 2013


Lots of things to do, places to go, music to hear this week--and for the foreseeable future:

- Fleetwood Mac at Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena on 6th      
- Steel Pulse at Ace of Spades, also Sacramento, also on 6th, darnit! I want to see them both!  

And then, next week, the California State Fair begins, with lots of concerts. The fair runs from the 12th to 28th July. Remember last year?

And very soon after that, really close to home at Sunrise Marketplace in Citrus Heights, the Sunrise at Night's concert series too. Lots of long hot summer evenings this year!  (Remember? The genius idea of holding concerts in the shopping mall parking lot. Close to home and no problem parking. Brilliant! Remember Blondie last year? Lots more great acts lined up for this summer's series. Do you have your tickets yet?)

And Aftershock!  Don't forget Aftershock!!!

But before all that... I'm heading up the hill and over the other side, to see Gemini Syndrome in Reno.   It's a free show, after the fireworks. It's going to be cool.

I'm heading up to Reno because I really, really like Gemini Syndrome. And because the idea of a free show for the people on the people of America's day is something special. And because I'm between Great Danes, because I'm a free spirit, and I can do what the heck I want, when I want, just as long as the boss says it's OK.

Will I see you there?

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