Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bad company? No. Bad Company, Bad Company, and in very good company overall

Ivan Moody, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2013
Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2013
Looking forwards to seeing and hearing Five Finger Death Punch again on Sunday, at Aftershock, and while wondering what their set list will be, also wondered how many of the audience will have ever heard the original version of Bad Company, or even the band.

Bad Company truly were an original super-group: singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke, both of Free and yes of course you know "All Right Now" right? Mick Ralphs, previously guitarist with Mott the Hoople; and bassist Boz Burrell, of King Crimson. Each of those bands deserves a book each, and there probably is one. If you haven't heard of them either, you're way too young and/or American! (Never can resist, never can... it'll get me into trouble one day.)

(I found this video on YouTube. I have no idea who holds the copyright. If you know, please contact me so I can credit it. It is forty years old or so.)

Paul Rodgers, one of the greatest vocalists in rock history. Bad Company, one of the songs on Bad Company's self-titled, first album, released in 1973. And yes, I do remember it. And yes, it should be in every rock fan's collection. Best known songs from Bad Company's hit years? Bad Company, Feel Like Making Love, Can't Get Enough, Good Lovin' Gone Bad...

Bad Company, covered by Five Finger Death Punch, and sung by one of the best vocalists of the current era, Ivan Moody.

Listen to them both. They both have a heck of a lot of soul, and very personal interpretations. Together with fine guitar, and very different drumming styles.

And here's a twist. Last year at Aftershock, we had Shinedown singing "Simple Man", a Lynyrd Skynrd cover, which I love (as long as Brent Smith hits all the notes cleanly, which I swear isn't every time... see earlier review.) And Five Finger Death Punch, with "Bad Company", the Bad Company cover. And guess who are still playing (though with several lineup changes over the years), and touring together? Lynyrd Skynrd and Bad Company... you still have a chance to see, and hear, the originals.

In fact: Thunder Valley, Lincoln CA, at the end of September. Don't miss it!

Very Good Company, indeed.

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