Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunrise at Night: Lee Ritenour and Spyro Gyra

Now here's a unique idea: open-air concerts in a parking lot. At Sunrise Mall, in Citrus Heights.

You know: the place where they play tennis. (Yes they do!)

On Sunrise Highway in Citrus Heights, in the parking lot near the North Macy's. You'll see the Outdoor Pavilion: there are stands and seating for great views of the stage. And because it's at the Mall, parking is free and available, there's food, and it's easy to find.
Lee Ritenour

Seriously. It's a fantastic idea!

On Saturday night, I was there. Lee Ritenour and friends. And then Spyra Gyra. And what a show it was! I really don't know enough about jazz to discuss technical details with people who are real experts; I do know enough about music to understand the talent, skill and musical abilities of these performers; and I have the ears and heart that says, "That was some fine music". It's just a question of vocabulary. And as the audience said at the beginning of the show, when asked if they were "jazzers"? "We are just music-lovers!" Saturday night, we had a lot to love. (So... all I can say is this: if you have never experienced "jazz" live, take a chance, go listen... you might discover something wonderful. My "awakening" was a Bill Frisell show in Grenoble, France. It's as if you're listening to the music and wondering what it's all about, how it all fits together, and then suddenly, Aha! It's the moment that it all comes together. Brilliantly.)
Sonny Emory

Lee Ritenour's friends: (he has some good friends--if you don't know them yet, click on the links to see more!)  Dave Grusin, Tom Kennedy and Sonny Emory. Sonny's drum solo was awe-inspiring. Truly. The whole set was beautiful music on a sweet summer's evening. Loved it.

And then Spyro Gyra: smoooooth and sweet and very, very cool. Fantastic!

 Spyro Gyra

There are going to be more concerts over the next few weeks: different style of music, all well worth seeing and hearing.

Next week, August 25th: Three Dog Night with America (I will be singing along to Horse With No Name. They had better sing, Horse With No Name. Takes me back to roller-skating at Leicester's Granby Halls but that's another story.)

September 8th: Kool and the Gang, and the Commodores!
September 1st: one for the children, Doodlebops with Caillou
September 14th:  Blondie and Devo. (If you hear me singing, "Denis, Denis..." this is why.)

See for more information and to purchase tickets--and I'll see you there!

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