Friday, August 3, 2012

A few things I will do differently in the garden next year

Writing these down so they are not forgotten come seed-buying and/or planting time.

Plant fewer:
- Green beans. They turn to string, or rope, immediately. Gag.
- "Grey" zucchini. They go from too small to giant inedible marrows with nothing in-between.
- Tomatillos. They grow well but we don't seem to like them much.
- Turnips. Same as tomatillos.
- Regular "pickling" cucumbers. They turn into the Friendly Giant's unfriendly cozcumbers in a blink.

Plant more:
- Broad beans. I could eat them year-round. And they freeze well too.
- Borlotti beans. Yummy.
- Beetroot. Of course.
- Parsnips. They like cooler weather so will be planting more in a few more weeks.
- Carrots. Keep persevering. Cover with wire so the turkeys can't get to the seedlings.
- European cucumbers. They are growing really well!

Plant differently:
- Leave more space between the beds, and make the beds a little wider.
- Leave more space between the different-kinds of squash. It's a squash jungle out there and you can't get to the summer patty-pans without treading on a butternut or kabochi vine.
- Potatoes. I believe they are supposed to "break up" clay soil only because you dig and dig and dig to try to find more than two per seed potato/plant. Next year try in old tyres, or raised beds. But plant more blue potatoes because the ones we found were yummy. All are good, just not enough of them!
- Protection from turkeys, coyotes, and other random vege-predators. Create some sort of fence or cage that isn't a pain-in-the-neck to get into, but which means the garden is safe.
- Start all (head) lettuce in greenhouse and only plant out when a decent size. Stick to cos (romaine) as they did well and didn't bolt to quickly.

More notes to follow as the summer progresses. Now to prepare a few garden potatoes for dinner!

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