Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beijing, Forbidden City

Smiling securityShy in the bamboo gardenShy in the bamboo gardenSitting at the foot of the wallWe were touristsCosy couple
HidingTree in a cornerThat's neatFamily pictureCherry blossomStone dragon
Roof detailBalconyGarden houseGarden houseMenMen
Screen from insideScreen from outsideEdge of roofRoof detailBranchesGarden
These photos were taken just before the 2008 Olympics, early in the year, on an amazingly-clear and blue-skied Beijing day. We were very lucky.

I find the designs: the roofs, the tiles, the cap stones and eaves and water-chains and painted beams and doors and windows and screens and door-knocker and everything else, quite fascinating. So much pattern on such an enormous scale. Even the cobblestones. I wonder if anyone has ever counted how many cobblestones there are within the walls of the Forbidden City?

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