Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aftershock 2014 performance times announced: plan your days! Arrive early, stay late!

Today, the hour-by-hour performance schedule for Aftershock 2014 has been announced, and it's huge!   This has to be California's biggest rock festival, and it's here, in Sacramento! Check the lineup page directly, in case anything changes: http://aftershockconcert.com/lineup.html

The timetable has also been posted on the Aftershock Facebook page (which you might want to 'like' if you haven't already).

In 2012, there were two stages. Last year, there were three, This year, four stages.Yes, you heard that right: FOUR STAGES.

You are no doubt looking at the list and wondering if there are going to be times when you might have to choose between two of your favourite bands (and the answer to that is yes, you probably will have to choose, but let's wait and see what the actual layout of the stages at Discovery Park looks like before panicking). You're looking at the list and planning what time to arrive, when to nip off and find some food, when you need to be right at the very, very front; when you can sit in the shade, and when you'll be braving the sun and being right in the middle of the action.

Me, I'm looking at the list and thinking, this is going to be my biggest workout of the year, and enjoyably so! Quite a few pounds of camera gear, at least one bottle of water on hand, snacks, sun protection, walking shoes... and zooming from stage to stage to stage to stage and back again. Yes, it'll be a workout. Becase I'm determined to see and hear something of each and every one of the performers. (If you see a half-crazed photographer jogging around in the inevitable 100-degree-plus sun, it might be me.)

Saturday: don't miss The Last Internationale. They are on early-ish, at 12.30pm, so don't sleep in. I'm going to have a tough time choosing between Black Label Society and Nothing More at 3.30 pm.

Sunday: Local favourites Fallrise open the day at 11.30 am, quickly followed by Escape the Fate at midday, who I'm really looking forwards to seeing again, and then Otherwise, who were awesome last year--I'm expecting a lot from them! Don't miss the early shows. There are often great performances to be seen very early in the day.

They don't just wait to happen after dark, Though they do that, too. Limpbizkit, The Offspring, Weezer ending the day on Saturday; Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie, Godsmack on Sunday evening?, It's going to be one hell of a weekend.

Plan your ride. (I made the mistake last year of driving down I80 then160 from Citrus Heights, not I80/I5. Yes, I got in, but I'm taking the Fifth.) Allow time to park. Parking lots open early. Worried about getting to and from the event? Don't! Check out the Info page on the Aftershock website for an Uber promo.

Did you get your tickets, yet?

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