Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Five Finger Death Punch at Aftershock, 2017; photos and review

Ivan Moody, vocals, Five Finger Death Punch
Ivan Moody, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
Ozzy Osbourne and Nine Inch Nails may have been the headliners of Aftershock, but Five Finger Death Punch, at least for me, stole the show. (Here are all the photos.)

Jason Hook, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
Happy, upbeat, loud, angry, emotional, heart-wrenching, tough, and fun... on top of their game. Ivan, Zoltan, everyone, smiling, together. Whether it was the news that the long-awaited album will be released soon (a greatest hits plus a couple of new songs in December, and the new studio album in 2018),  or just the sight of so many thousands and thousands of happy FFDP fans crowding the stage in Sacramento, the band were on top form. The crowd? Simply enormous.

Zoltan Bathory, guitar, Five Finger Death Punch
Zoltan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
A Five Finger Death Punch show, full of memorable moments; a wedding ring lost, found and returned; little kids, up on stage, while all the adults went mad to Burn MF; the entire crowd singing along to acoustic versions of Wrong Side of Heaven and Remember Everything. This was a show... this, Five Finger Death Punch at their best. (And remember... they do this, night after night. If you missed them at Aftershock, make sure you see them next time. Anywhere. Everywhere.)

(It's my birthday, don't expect me to write any dry, factual, emotionless editorial review of a Five Finger Death Punch show... it's a fan-girl day, no matter how old the fan is today, OK???)

Chris Kael, bass, Five Finger Death Punch
Chris Kael, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
It's not just music. It's heart and soul.

Jeremy Spencer, drums, Five Finger Death Punch
Jeremy Spencer, Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
Five Finger Death Punch stole the show, but gave the audience back in time for Ozzy to show why he's been the metal king for as long as I can remember (just don't ask, don't ask).

All the Five Finger Death Punch at Aftershock 2017 photos here in the photo gallery. And if you click up a level in the gallery, you'll find a load more FFDP too!

Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch, Aftershock 2017
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