Friday, October 6, 2017

Five Finger Death Punch at Louder Than Life, and coming to Aftershock!

Ivan Moody, vocals, Five Finger Death Punch
Ivan Moody, Five Finger Death Punch, Louder Than Life, 2017
I was so very happy to see, and hear, Ivan Moody, back to front-and-centre of Five Finger Death Punch, singing his heart out to the huge, enormous crowd at Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend, so many of whom came to the festival wearing Five Finger Death Punch T-shirts. Some fans I've seen at other events--including the crowdsurfing family at the front barrier--Five Finger Death Punch have a huge following, and we are all waiting for the next album to be released (it was recorded last year: waiting for the record label to release it. There's an interview here on Blabbermouth with Jason Hook about the missing album.).

Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook, guitar, Five Finger Death Punch
Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch, Louder Than Life, 2017
These guys always put on such an excellent show. Great performers. Great, enjoyable, fierce, angry but positive music.

Chris Kael, bass, Five Finger Death Punch
Chris Kael, Five Finger Death Punch, Louder Than Life, 2017
Ivan talked, a little, to the crowd about his breakdown earlier in the year, and thanked the band, and the fans, for their support. (He also mentioned enjoying seeing Steel Panther earlier in the day... they, too will be at Aftershock and are totally rude and hilarious. Photos soon!)

Jeremy Spencer, drums, Five Finger Death Punch
Jeremy Spencer, Five Finger Death Punch, Louder Than Life, 2017
FFDP's set at Louder Than Life was mostly the band's most upbeat songs, including Lift Me Up, Got Your Six, Bad Company, Jekyll and Hyde, but with two emotional, acoustic versions--Wrong Side of Heaven, and Remember Everything... finishing with The Bleeding (almost a tradition).

Five Finger Death Punch will be performing at Aftershock in Sacramento, at 6.30 pm on the Discovery Stage on Sunday, 22nd October. Be there!!! I wouldn't miss it for wild horses.

Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch, Louder Than Life, 2017

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