Sunday, October 15, 2017

Punk In Drublic at Papa Murphy's Park, Sacramento: craft beer and music festival

Beer tasting
Beer samples, Punk In Drublic
Happening right now in Sacramento: Punk In Drublic, at Papa Murphy's Park, Exposition Blvd, Sacramento. Presented by Fat Mike, Punk In Drublic is a unique experience; four or more hours of beer tasting, and then a music festival -- six punk bands, with NOFX headlining.

Less Than Jake
Fun at Punk In Drublic, Sacramento
With a huge number of beers to sample, and--to many attendee's delight--included in the ticket price, the first few hours of the festival saw beer tents all over Papa Murphy's football (soccer) pitch, with people collecting sample after sample of the various beers; all different, and so varied; some dark, like an English stout; some amber, glowing, and some as clear as a German white wine. On entering the park, everyone received a glass, a 4oz sample size, for trying all the beer. At four o'clock promptly, the beer tents were packed away, allowing for the crowd to spread out for the rest of the music.

Get Dead
Get Dead, Punk In Drublic, Sacramento
The music had begun with San Francisco's Get Dead, followed by Bad Cop Bad Cop, an all-women band currently based in Southern California. (I don't know why I should have to mention that the band is all women. It shouldn't matter; it's a band of musicians... that's really all that should be important, but... it still matters. Check them out here and here.)

Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Punk In Drublic, Sacramento
Next up: Less Than Jake, punk with a touch of ska... and I somehow became obsessed with trying to capture the rapidly-growing crowd in the reflection of the trombone's bell...

Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake, Punk In Drublic, Sacramento
The other bands in the line up: Goldfinger, Flogging Molly and NOFX! Sadly I wasn't able to stay for the entire day... I hope everyone had a wonderful time!

Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake, Punk In Drublic, Sacramento
More photos here in the gallery--more will be added!

Check out the Punk In Drublic website for further dates in the festival tour--there are at least two more during October!

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