Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aftershock review: Butcher Babies

Last year, I noted that there were no women performing at Aftershock. This year, at the
now-two-day-festival, we saw quite a few female performers: fronting In This Moment,
Halestorm, ... and Butcher Babies.

ALISON TOON: Butcher Babies &emdash; ButcherBabies-Aftershock2013-1798-HR

I've listened to Butcher Babies' music. I knew that, for me, the show would be more about seeing
two beautiful women on stage, fronting a heavy metal band, rather than hearing the band's music live. I didn't hear anything to change that expectation, but really I did enjoy their show: these women rock! They drew a large crowd (including all the guys from the photo pit) to the Ernie Ball stage where
they were performing, right across the other side of Discovery Park from the main stages.

ALISON TOON: Butcher Babies &emdash; ButcherBabies-Aftershock2013-1716-HR
It's a great formula for success: beautiful women and heavy metal--up and in front, not just decorating
the sidelines. I just wish there was more singing, and less death-metal-screaming. That is,
of course, my personal opinion, and one you've heard before on Toon's Tunes, regardless of
gender or genre. I like vocalists who let their true voices be heard.

ALISON TOON: Butcher Babies &emdash; ButcherBabies-Aftershock2013-1673-HR
Heidi also appeared as a guest on stage with Asking Alexandria on the Sunday of the
festival. A slightly different style: her voice really complemented Asking Alexandria, as
they sang Final Episode together.

Heidi Shephard and Carla Harvey front Butcher Babies, with the guys on guitar (Henry
Flury), bass (Jason Klein), and drums (Chris Warner). Their first album together,
GOLIATH, is on sale now, and they will be touring with Danzig in October.

Find out more on their website:

If you missed out on Butcher Babies merch at Aftershock, you can find it in their store: 

See more photos in the slide show below or, if it doesn't work in your browser or phone, go to the gallery:

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