Monday, September 2, 2013

Lots of "could have"'s this weekend

I could have gone to the Reggae festival, down by the river. I could have gone to Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento, like last year, and watched the brothel catch on fire and the fire brigade come to the rescue. I could have gone to see Psychadelic Furs at the Assembly, or to Chalk it Up downtown, or the Rainbow festival, or about a hundred other different things or festivities or places.

There's always something to see or do around Sacramento.

Instead... I stayed home, did some gardening, edited photos from the trip to Guadalajara, bought an external DVD drive and used it to archive some photos, bought some picture frames and planned how to use them (note they are not on the wall, yet), drove to shops listening to Queens of the Stone Age's new album, wearing a Gemini Syndrome T-shirt and clutching a printout of a country star's photo for a frame: soaked dried beans overnight and made tomato-chili sauce from garden heirloom tomatoes (to be devoured shortly), read a book, watched a (bad) movie, rested, did a kickboxing-video workout, rode the bike in front of TV... and generally relaxed.

Recharging batteries for the next few weeks:

- more shows at Sunrise
- Adam Ant?
- and of course, Aftershock!

So... all in all, it was a weekend well spent. Back to work tomorrow.



    1. Guilty as charged... no photos, no review, nothing. Sorry. I did have a good night's sleep though!