Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aftershock review: Steel Panther

Beginning the Aftershock reviews with Steel Panther; not because they were the first or last band on stage, nor the most well-know... but because they completely cracked me up. They were hilarious. Musical too, but first and foremost: hilarious. So crude, so rude, so over-the-top-80's-hair-band-glam-rock-parody of themselves, the rock heros; songs about easy girls and partying-all-night and rock-and-roll-sex and giant male body parts and looking like a fat(ter) Bret Michaels.

ALISON TOON: Steel Panther &emdash; SteelPanther-Aftershock2013-252-HR

(They have an album called "Balls Out". It's that type of humour. Brilliant. Don't play it to Great Aunt Hilda though, she'll either die of shock or have an asthma attack brought on by laughing too much. Seriously.)

ALISON TOON: Steel Panther &emdash; SteelPanther-Aftershock2013-333-HR

Beautiful Lexxi doing his hair and tidying his makeup (and losing his belt, partway through the set; didn't lose a beat as it was put back on for him).

ALISON TOON: Steel Panther &emdash; SteelPanther-Aftershock2013-318-HR

Steel Panther sold out a British tour last year--I'm not surprised... they definitely appeal to my English sense-of-humour. I can see the guys back home rolling in the aisles.

A truly entertaining show. I'm still laughing!

ALISON TOON: Steel Panther &emdash; SteelPanther-Aftershock2013-343-HR

More photos below (click to play), or in the gallery.


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