Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aftershock review: Otherwise

When you hear a band for the first time, right at the beginning of the weekend festival, and the enjoyment of what they are playing begins with no expectations, yet grows with each and every song of the set, and then you go home and buy their album and listen to them all over again... that's good, right?
Otherwise, Aftershock 2013
Adrian Patrick, Otherwise, Aftershock 2013
That's what happened to me with Otherwise. They grew on me. With the crescendo being "Soldiers", last song of their set at Aftershock, first of their singles. (Listen out for "Vegas Girls", too.)

Otherwise, Aftershock 2013
Ryan Patrick, Otherwise, Aftershock 2013

Fronted by vocalist Adrian Patrick (who appeared on In This Moment's single, "The Promise", in 2012), the band hails from 'Vegas: with Adrian's brother Ryan Patrick and Andrew Pugh on guitars, Vassilios Metropoulos on bass, Corky Gainsford on drums.

Otherwise, Aftershock 2013
Otherwise, Aftershock 2013
Portions of the sale of "Soldiers" is donated to the Wounded Warrior project, according to the band's website. Another good reason to buy it. If you needed another reason.

True Love Never Dies is their album. I recommend it.

Click here to see the full gallery from Toon's Tunes gallery of Otherwise images from the Aftershock festival.

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