Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Playlist for a noisy, dark apartment. Everyone needs a slightly-gloomy playlist. Really.

Re-found this playlist today, fit the mood perfectly for reading and studing and learning and blocking-out the 65dB constant street-and-city noise (it is, I measured it).  This was a playlist that started with one song, one that I haven't been able to extract from my brain, ear or heart, since the Marillion weekends... and then which flowed into the others, other musicians, other bands, other songs, as playlists do, one after the other. See what you think. An alone-in-the-dark playlist, methinks.

(If you like the first song in the playlist, from Marillion, if you're in the USA... make sure you see them when they tour here next year.)

This is a YouTube playlist... just click, and listen. I use official videos wherever possible. (Still don't understand why you can no longer create playlists on iTunes so that you can gift them, or so that others can buy them... there's something really genuine in creating a personal playlist for someone special.)

1) Marillion, Somewhere Else
2) Mark Knopfler, Rudiger
3) Terry Lee Hale, Forget About Love
4) Gangstagrass, Long Hard Times to Come
5) Fuel, Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
6) Fitz and the Tantrums, The Walker
7) Elkie Brooks, Don't Cry Out Loud
8) Dido, Here With Me
9) David Essex, On and On

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