Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crowdfunding, prereleases, where it all began... and where it's going next. Marillion pre-order begins today!

You know how so many musicians these days are offering pre-orders to fans, funding their releases and enabling sales of music direct to fans? I bet you have a few albums in your collection that you bought that way. Well... these guys started all that, back in 1997... yep that long ago.

Today, Marillion launched the pre-order for "Marillion Album 18", with a planned release date of early 2016.

Here's an interview about the album with Tom Robinson (two , four, six, eight, never too late?)

Full info and pre-order form here: http://marillion.com/news/newsitem.htm?id=391

And you can pledge directly here:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/marillion where you can also see videos and hear sample music. And then continue your journey on http://marillion.com

It's a better way of life...

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  1. It looks like Marillion needed the Pledge epidural to give birthday to the 18th baby...I'd wish they toured Down Under.

    Rim Sanson,