Monday, September 21, 2015

People of TBD 2015: thankyou, thank you, Thank YOU! #wearetbd

TBDfest music, art and  more
The spirit of TBDfest: music, art, performance and that something special
Before I post any more musician photos, before I write any reviews of the performances, I want to say thank you--thank you, to you, the people of TBD. To the organizers, for bringing this event to live once again, on probably the dustiest site this side of the Sahara, for making it work, and for making it a place for so many people to have fun, play music, dance and enjoy a fantastic weekend. I hope that you see that all the hard work and stress and sleepless nights were worth it, again. Thank you!

Art competition
Art competition, TBDfest 2015
And to every one of the volunteers and stagehands and workers and security guys and people working like mad in the food trucks and vendor booths: thank you. And to all of the artists, before and during the event, sharing their talents: thank you!

And, of course, to every one of the musicians, who played on stages under what felt like 200 degrees of blazing farenheit sun or in the heat of the night: THANK YOU!!!
Making your friends have their picture taken
Making your friends have their picure taken, cos that's what friends do
To the guy who kept the loos clean (we really, really, really appreciated that!) and the people who kept the garbage under control, and those of you who sprayed the ground to keep the duststorm from happening: thank you!

Secure at the festival, TBDfest 2015
And to all the performers who were not on stage, but who popped up here-and-there, day-and-night, to entertain, enthrall and surprise: thank you!!

Fire dancers
Fire dancers, TBD 2015
And... to everyone who came to the festival, in your shortest shorts, dressed as fauns and satyrs and pink elephants and wearing your best dresses, mega eyelashes, three-inch wedge shoes, Doc Martens, mirror sunglasses, underwear, man dresses, kilts, denims, beautiful summer dresses, wigs, peacock feathers, Mickey Mouse ears, and just about anything else; those who made their pals pose for photos, the ones who danced like no-one was looking, the ones who just danced; THANK YOU!!!

Trapeze performers, TBD
Trapeze, TBDfest, 2015
You had fun. You were well behaved and only crowd-surfed when you fainted and someone had to lift you out of the crowd (did I mention it was 200 degrees farenheit???) You didn't fight, as far as I could see, and you came in peace. You moved like the ocean and you supported each and every one of the musicians, and then you rode your bikes back home in the Sacramento midnight, because that's who you are and that's what you do.

Audience at night
In the crowd, TBDfest 2015
That was a wonderful weekend.

Audience at night
Yes!!!!!   TBDfest 2015
There are "people" and "art" photos in the People and Art of TBD photo gallery. I'll be adding more as I find them in the thousands of photos to be edited from this weekend.

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Audience at night
In the crowd, TBDfest 2015

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