Thursday, August 20, 2015

Camping at Aftershock? Why not in a camper? JUCY!

Marillion, Cropredy festival, 2014
Cropredy Festival, UK
About a year ago last weekend, I spent a wonderful weekend camping, in a tent, in a field, a field near a canal with longboats, in the middle of the English countryside, at the Cropredy festival in England, UK, watching and photographing Marillion, Steve Hackett, the Waterboys and more... in the rain. And in the sun, but also in the rain. When it rained, it came down in buckets. Glad I took my wellies. And a rain poncho. And a few plastic bags for the camera.

But rain or shine, camping at a festival is so much part of the experience that it is really, really cool to see that camping is offered at Aftershock in Sacramento, for the first time, this year, at Gibson Ranch Park. Here's all the camping info.)

And what is even more cool, if you are travelling from a little further afield, like the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, is that you can rent a camper, drive here, camp, enjoy the weekend, ignore any problems with finding your way to a hotel and back each day... and then drive back home when it's all over. JUCY RV Rentals have a special deal for people attending aftershock: find out more here!

The JUCY campers sleep four people and I think it's such a very good idea, I might have to move out-of-town before October 24th so that I can rent one and drive back for the weekend. Seriously! And on the travel bucket-list... driving around New Zealand and Australia. JUCY are there, too!

(Anyone who rents one of these campers for Aftershock: tag #jucyworld in a picture of you and your camper at Aftershock, to receive 200 free miles a day.)

Here's a video about the JUCY business. Take a look... JUCY people, distinctive vehicles, very cool!

(I am hoping that unlike at a lot of British festivals, we won't have rain for Aftershock... but heck, bring it on, I'm ready: wellies, ponchos and plastic bags by the dozen. Just don't forget to bring my gluten-free birthday cake, OK???)

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