Sunday, August 9, 2015

Echo and the Bunnymen, Sacramento: old, new, borrowed... and very blue

Echo and the Bunnymen
Echo and the Bunnymen, old out at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento
A sold-out show, and (I believe), the very first time for Echo and the Bunnymen in Sacramento, California: the setlist a mix of favourite Bunnymen songs from the '80's (Killing Moon, Lips Like Sugar), recent releases (Meteorites, Holy Moses), borrowed classics (The Doors' People are Strange, and I swear I heard Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side)... and just-a-ittle-bit of blue light. Just a little.

Ian McCulloch, Echo and the Bunnymen
Ian McCulloch, Echo and the Bunnymen

It was an in-the-dark show... all the better to hear the music? Or for Ian McCulloch's sunglass-shaded eyes? Whatever... a very enjoyable show, much appreciated by the the large crowd of fans at the Ace of Spades, singing along to the best-known songs.

Thank  you for the music!

Echo and the Bunnymen
Echo and the Bunnymen, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
< rant> Very enjoyable... if it wasn't for the people in the audience at the back who just kept on talking, throughout the louder songs, throughout the quieter numbers too. Shame... (Makes me wonder, what the heck else can a performer do, to keep your attention? This show by one of the greats, self-proclaimed by Ian McCulloch or not, and you just keep on talking? The couple next to me on the balcony managed to sing along to a couple of songs, they obviously knew and loved the music, and yet also continued a non-stop, loud and annoying conversation all evening. Sigh...  the Selfie Generation: more important to be able to say and show that you've been there at the gig, than to dive in with eyes and ears and heart, enjoy the moment and truly experience the music. Otherwise, you might as well stay home and watch a music video on your phone. Next time, please do that... there were true fans who could have used your tickets. < /endrant>

A couple more pics, including the set list, in the Toon's Tunes' Echo and the Bunnymen gallery.

More tour dates on Echo and the Bunnymen's Facebook page or website tour page.  I suggest checking both of these, because there are some inconsistencies (Sacramento date disappeared from Facebook, for example, maybe because it sold out early?)

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