Friday, August 7, 2015

Ten songs to listen to before Aftershock! Huge lineup!!!!

While you are (im)patiently waiting for Aftershock Festival, to be held this year at Gibson Ranch, Elverta near Sacramento, the weekend of the 24th and 25th of October, here are ten songs to listen to in preparation for planning your days at the festival.

These are not from the headliners--I'm sure you all know the top-of-the-bill bands already--but from a little deeper in the lineup. There are some real gems in this year's list.

Plan on being at Aftershock early, it's going to be non-stop entertainment.

1) Bring Me The Horizon: The House of Wolves.

Let's start things right, with at least four circle pits! Taken from the Live At Wembley DVD, this gives a good idea of what to expect from BMTH. You don't need caffeine; you just need BMTH! OK so BMTH are close to the top of the lineup, but heck, you cannot get too much of Oli and the band!

2) Pop Evil: Torn to Pieces
Pop, but evil... you know. Pop Evil. Learn the words to this one, it's a sing-along, an anthem, and you want to have those vocal chords well prepared in time for October. Also remember: Pop Evil's new album, "Up", will be out, prior to Aftershock, so you may want to preorder it for extra points.

3) Highly Suspect: Mom

As mentioned before on Toon's Tunes, these are must-see for at Aftershock  This is "Mom", another gem from the Brooklyn trio: see also the "Lydia" review, earlier on this blog.

4) The Pink Slips: Foxy Feline

Punk, rock, and very foxy. This will stay in your brain for the rest of the day. Earworm warning.

5) Yelawolf: American You

Never missed a Sunday service, never got a tattoo... you know the words. You know this guy, right?

6) Sevendust: Unraveling

Oldie-but-goodie... another singalong? Are you ready, Sacramento??? Sevendust are Unraveling before your very eyes... you just have to wait a few more weeks!

7) Eagles Of Death Metal: I Want You So Hard

Bluegrass, metal, rock, more than a tad quirky... but not a lot of death. What will Aftershock think of this band?

8) Art Of Dying: Die Trying

Wondering if these guys will have the biggest stacks of Marshall's at the festival. Not for lack of trying... yes, I think they will.

9) RavenEye: Breaking Out

Another Oli frontman, this one from Milton Keynes, England... and you know how Toon's Tunes loves the British rockers. You will not want to miss these guys. Seriously good.

This video, a Classic Rock Track of the Week from earlier this year..

10) Bring Me The Horizon: Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake!

Talking of Oli again.., let's go full circle, Toon's Tunes one and ten today: Bring Me The Horizon. Aftershock: are you ready yet???

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