Monday, February 17, 2014

Escape the Fate, Eve to Adam, New Year's Day, Track Fighter and Awoken Shadows... all in one show!

Two of these bands, I'd seen before: Escape the Fate at Aftershock Festival in 2012, and Sacramento's own Track Fighter when they supported Trapt later the same year. The other bands were new to me.

Escape The Fate live 2014
Escape the Fate
Headliners Escape The Fate put on a wonderful show. I was happily surprised by their set; I don't know if they have matured a lot since the last time I saw them, or if it was the different environment, or just because they really are this good and I just didn't click last time. I really, really enjoyed the show last night. Worth listening too more often. Especially "Ashley". Despite Craig Mabbit being sick, he still put on a huge show. Nice job guys, nice job! Check out their website for more info... I may have to buy that vinyl.

Escape The Fate live 2014
Escape The Fate
I hope they come back again soon. I'll be there. All my photos from last night's show can be found here:

Eve To Adam live 2014
Eve To Adam
Main support act were Eve To Adam: from New York and more straight rock than hardcore. Liked their cover of Rebel Yell. More photos here:

New Year's Day live 2014
New Year's Day
In the middle of the show was New Year's Day. A fair few of the packed-out crowd were there to see New Year's Day. You could tell by the makeup and face-paint, beautifully done. More photos:

Track Fighter live Feb 2014
Track Fighter
Track Fighter. They rock!!!  Excellent band. Need to see more of them. More photos from last night: in the Toon's Tunes gallery

Track Fighter live Feb 2014
Track Fighter
And Awoken Shadows. Great start to the show! A few more photos here:

Awoken Shadows live 2014
Awoken Shadows
I'm jumping on a plane in a couple of hours. Most of the photos are ready, in the galleries. Go to and look for the band's name. That's where all Toon's Tunes' music photos are. Or just click on one of the photos in this blog, they will take you to that band's photo gallery.You haven't been to visit yet??? Darn...

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