Friday, February 14, 2014

And Ghost Town; four bands so full of energy it's surprising the walls are still standing

Ghost Town were second in the lineup, after lionfight, before Mod Sun; Breathe Carolina have done a fantastic job of working with supporting bands who bring more to the show than just showcasing the headliner. Nice job. Really nice job.

Ghost Town live 2014

Ghost Town: jumping, bouncing; pogo set free from punk. Happy fans. Electro, rock, guitar, vocals, and really really good drums. Really good drums.

Ghost Town live 2014

Ghost Town are Kevin Ghost with the lead vocals, Evan Pearce driving the electronics, Alix Monster with guitar and vocals, and MannYtheDrummer on drums. Really good drums. Did I say that already?

Ghost Town live 2014

Find Ghost Town on Facebook, YouTube, and all the usual places.

Full gallery of photos from Ghost Town's show are in the gallery:

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