Sunday, February 16, 2014

A busy week and I'll miss some of it. You go, write me a review? Phantogram and White Sea

One of the shows I'd hoped to cover this week is Phantogram and White Sea, who will be on stage at the Ace of Spades on Friday, 21st February. A little bit of a change from all the recent rock... more electro, more wistful, female vocals.

However I'll be out of town (for a very good reason, out of town), and won't be there.

Maybe one of you can write a review and share it here, in the comments section?

Phantogram: lots of airplay right now. But also check out White Sea:  Samples of music on the website (just click that link). "Prague" is stunning.

White Sea is Morgan Kibby... of M83. This is where once again the world has become smaller. M83 are French ambient-electronic, from Antibes. And, as soon as I heard White Sea's music, I was back in France. (See the article on Zardonic on this blog.)

Having struggled through another spin class yesterday with a really-awful electro-pop soundtrack, I request all spin instructors who choose electro to now play White Sea and Zardonic instead. Or go metal.

Enjoy the show on Friday!

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