Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kickstart this project: new Black Lab album. Wonderful music; let's share it!

Another Kickstarter project that you may like to participate in: the next album from Black Lab.  Find all the information here:

Just launched, and already well on its way to success. Go help take it there!

One of my favourite Black Lab songs (but there are many others) is This Night (and you may have heard this on The Shield or House, if you watch the same TV programs that I do):

Now go check out the Kickstarter page, because you'll find more Black Lab videos there.

(Here's an earlier post about finding music to love--including Black Lab.)

I love this way of helping to fund new music projects. It's roots, it's real humans deciding what they want to hear--and it's a chance to change the music world. Independent artists rock. Here's an example from Steve Rothery.

UPDATE: as of 3 pm Pacific time, February 14th, this Kickstarter has raised... wait for it... more than $42,000.  Wonderful!!!

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