Monday, March 21, 2011

Slowly but surely...

Spent all weekend painting my home office: it now has Lunar Light walls and ceiling. I like painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Not only does it look good, I don't have to spend hours trying and failing to make the corners straight. Lunar Light is an off-white with a greeny-yellow tinge... like moonlight.

Still have to hang pictures on the walls.

Chose the paint for the living room. Decided on a colour, went to Home Depot and bought five samples, came home and tried them on the wall. Still want to see it in sunshine but it's down to one of two shades of Bella-grey for two of the walls.

And today I have guys here to help. They are painting the dining room, "library", master bath and the stairwell--the places with very high ceilings that I would either totally mess up, or break my neck falling off ladder, or both, in the process.

Quotes for built-in bookcases came close to 10K$ and there's no way that will happen right now, so am going to IKEA. Still want to do the Tetris shelves at some point, but have to win lotter first.

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