Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday un-doings

Sunday was grey and drizzly, and the end-of-daylight rushed in so fast that it felt like nothing had been achieved. But it had: small steps, the devouring of the elephant one bite-ate-a-time.

- Found and bought a lawnmower, from craigslist. My push-mower (really push, human-powered) will not cope (or rather, the human will not cope) with nearly half an acre. And Dylan's going to be the human operating this as the lawn guy wanted 300$/month and left the gates open so dogs could escape. Twice. So buying an almost-new mower for a good price was the right thing to do.

- Fixed the nail-holes and cracks in the drywall in master bathroom and bedroom ready for painting. I woke up with good intentions of at least having the loo painted by end-of-Sunday, but discovered that the drywall repair paste the guy in HomeDepot recommended, needed to dry overnight... unlike the stuff I usually use that is ready to paint in a couple of hours. Oh well. I guess this is the best way to do it.

- With Dylan's help, set up iTunes and TV and amp so that everything can be played and shared around the house. Including from my external hard drive which stores all my music... and which refused to change from read-only no matter what we tried. I did fix it late in the day, but don't ask me what I did to make it work because I have no idea. Anyway, it works now so all is good.

- Sorted out and put away a giant box of T-shirts. I do not need that many T-shirts. Half of them went to stuff the Moroccan pouffe whose previous contents were thrown away before the move.

- Spent a little time on the spinning bike, and with Exercise TV. This helped firm up the plan for seating in the living room. Want to keep that open space and open feeling. Will be going for a couple of sofas that can be moved around easily, not a large sectional. I think.

So no huge transformations this weekend, just a little more foundation.

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  1. I like the idea of a couple of sofas, like I have in my apartment. They can be moved around and keep the area more open and spacey. AND you can get two different sorts!