Thursday, March 3, 2011

New home, new blog

Welcome to my (new) blog... and new home.

Not replacing yet... it contains the history of my time on Long Island, the story of the transformation of the house, and (hopefully) things that will soon help sell the house to someone who will love the views as much as I did.

But this is a new page... and a new project home.

I'm back in Sacramento, in northern California. The state capital (with the Capitol). Inland port, Gold Rush town, Pony Express terminus, "cow town", river town, hot dry summers and mild damp winters where "storm" equals rain and wind, not snow-ice-hurricane-nor'easter.

I bought a foreclosed home, where the previous owner had moved out-of-state. It has its own history. It's tucked away on a cul-de-sac and nestled in a greenbelt with a creek and hawks and egrets and a million or two giant turkeys. It's also just a couple of minutes from the I-80 freeway, and there are shops and restaurants at the end of the street. The "bones" of the house are really good--nice quality cabinets, great layout, lots of garden, a swimming pool... but it's all been neglected.

The property is almost half an acre., and it backs onto a "green belt" around a creek (or a raging river, depending on the day). There are many trees, ranging from mature California oaks to citrus trees which are today heavy with fruit, and a beautiful Japanese maple in the front garden which is today bare of leaves. It will be exciting to see what plants emerge from the winter earth.

I want to fix it all overnight. But it's going to take longer than that.
It will be fun.

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