Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beginning in the living room

 It's a wood-burning fireplace but it needs some chimney repair/lining before burning logs in it. Or maybe to be replaced by gas "logs"? Almost every room has sliding doors and access to the deck/patio/pool.

First week in the house, and the floors all needed fixing-up, before the furniture arrived. The old carpets were disgustingly dirty and worn, and the lino in the kitchen was torn and beyond-liveable-with. And there was carpet in the master bathroom... gross.

Can't afford what I really want to put on the floors--hardwood and/or porcelain--yet, so decided on some inexpensive utility carpeting and vinyl that won't be a tragedy to rip out and replace when there are a few more dollars in the bank. And I'll be looking for tiles and storing them in the giant garage ready for the kitchen and entry and bathrooms.

But before the carpet was replaced, the monstrosity of an "entertainment centre" had to go. It was built for one of those ginormous, three-feet deep TVs.

Demolition is a lot of fun. This was tricky because it was very-well built of 3/4" oak ply and sturdy trim. It's now fully dismantled in the garage ready for future projects. Apart from the bits that I smashed beyond repair. Sledgehammer karate :-)

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