Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday in Citrus Heights

The garage is much emptier again; unpacked a load of boxes, tools and garden pots (only one broken), jump-start leads and extension cables and mitre saw and cast-iron lizards. Put the empty boxes on craigslist, and they were gone within the hour.

Planted some of the blue pots with corms/roots brought from Long Island; wonder if any of them will grow? (And then couldn't resist five bare-root roses from the grocery shop round the corner, two grandiflora and three tea roses, they're lined up in their bags next to the garage for planting tomorrow.)

Yesterday I found six almost-new plastic-fake-Adirondack chairs at the thrift shop; that was the cue to find/unpack the pressure washer, clean them and then try it on a corner of the deck. It does come clean! Under the moss and the ground-in dirt is creamy-coloured wood-grained composite decking. Will do it all when the weather's a little warmer.

Sunny, warm morning; coffee and yogurt and a good book in the sun, 9 am and warm... now it's half-past five, and the day is a soft grey, drizzle on the pool and on Bella's stormcloud back.

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