Saturday, October 17, 2015

Buckcherry, Rock'n'Roll, Ace of Spades, Sacramento

Josh Todd, vocals, Buckcherry
Josh Todd, Buckcherry
All the opening bands have played their parts, and now it's time for Buckcherry... but the stage has been cleared: no huge amp-and-speaker stacks, no massings of pedals or forests of mic stands. Just Xavier Muriel's drumkit on a modest riser, and a black-and-white Buckcherry backcloth, and the crowd waiting, remind that there is another band, the best is still to come.

Stevie D., guitar, Buckcherry
Stevie D., Buckcherry
And then they are there, and the music begins, and there is no transition from nothing to Buckcherry. No long, drawn-out intro music; no fog-machines or blackout; one second the stage is as empty as tundra, and the next, Buckcherry is rocking the Ace of Spades, No theatre, no pomposity, nothing other than good, hard, rock, all over the stage, They are live, alive, and that's what you get with Buckcherry; it's Rock'N'Roll like it was meant to be.

Keith Nelson, guitar, Buckcherry
Keith Nelson, Buckcherry
Josh Todd is a slim, lightening-rod of energy, and a work of art. The driving drums, great guitar and bass, and strong vocals: put this band on your must-see list. The tour continues: show after show after show. They work at this. And it shows.

Buckcherry, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
The setlist included songs from the late nineties through to the band's latest album, Rock'n'Roll, which was released a few weeks back. Raunchy and hard and living the life, through to the unforgettable Sorry, That's Buckcherry.

Xavier Muriel, drums, Buckcherry
Xavier Muriel, Buckcherry
Third time I've seen them in as many years, and I like them more and more each time.

Josh Todd, vocals, Buckcherry
Josh Todd, Buckcherry
And Josh Todd's boots. I have to mention them, because he had the best pants at Aftershock last year. I just like the way this man dresses.

More photos from last night's show--go to the photo gallery by clicking here.

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