Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heat Of Damage launch their new CD: Open Fire at the Boardwalk

Heat Of Damage CD launch
Fans and Nick Lassalette, Heat of Damage CD launch party, 17 October 2015
I saw Heat Of Damage in December 2014, also at the Boardwalk, when they were really just getting started. Boy, have they come a long way since then.

Last night saw the launch show for their first full-length album, Open Fire, which today is available at live shows and from the band, coming soon on iTunes. Keep an eye on their website and go there anyway to check out the music:

Heat Of Damage CD launch
Jared Easter, Heat of Damage
A polished stage show, even when they've invited all of the teens in the audience onto the stage with them; fans craving to touch and play the guitar, every time Nick Lassalette breaks into a solo, and some very stong songs which sound just as polished as those you hear on the radio from established metal bands.

Heat Of Damage CD launch
David Haug, Heat of Damage
The album doesn't sound like a debut--it's a strong production and needs to be heard. Check out Judgement Day here:

Check out Heat Of Damage when you can--either live (keep an eye on the Shows page), or on their website, or pre-order Open Fire on iTunes today.. And Katie Robinette from A Mile Till Dawn puts in guest vocals on "Heaven"!

Heat Of Damage CD launch
Julian Bohland on drums, Heat of Damage
Heat Of Damage are Julian Bohland on drums, Jared Easter on bass, David Haug with vocals and guitar, and Nick Lassalette, lead guitar.

More photos from last night's show in the galler, click here!

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  1. Stunning pics of a great gig. I saw their very first show two years ago, I went along because a friend said her kid was playing, I thought it would be a fun event to take my own kids to. I was pleasantly surprised, they were actually good, albeit totally goofy. I suspected they could be great but we know these things can pan out in many different ways. So I am very impressed with how much they have matured in such a short time, they just get better and better every time. Congratulations guys, I have faith and I believe in H.O.D.