Thursday, February 12, 2015

I can die happy now. Hozier, Ace of Spades Sacramento, 11 Feb 2015

Hozier show, sold out
Yes, I can die happy now. But not just yet. Want to do that a few times more, yet. See and hear Hozier, live, in concert.

This guy is for real. His music is timeless, his voice... soulful. Blending blues, soul, Irish ballad, folk... Hozier is here to stay. Humble and brave and can I hear some more, please? I see a lot of musicians who put on good shows. There are very few who are absolute standouts. Hozier is.

Backed by a band of very talented musicians and singers, a beautiful light show, and sound levels that were spot on, allowing the clarity of Hozier's voice to ring out.

"Jackie and Wilson", "Someone New", so many beautiful songs from the self-titled album, "Hozier"... many performers hold back their biggest hit until an encore, but Hozier completed the main set with "Take Me To Church", beautifully arranged... and then came back for a four-song encore.

The show was sold out months ago, way before most people knew he was even touring the USA: nothing to do with the Grammies performance, but the Grammies can only have boosted demand for last-minute tickets. There was not one single ticket available on StubHub yesterday--I checked. Craigslist only had ads from people desperate to buy a ticket. Doors opened at 7 pm, and there was a line about a mile long, winding around to S street, waiting to go inside the Ace of Spades. Future dates on this tour are sold out. You might want to grab a ticket for the recently-announced dates later in the summer, before they are all gone too. They are like gold, and they deserve to be.

What more can I say? Hozier just raised the bar for performances... you CAN have a well-lit, beautifully-sounding show on tour. I'm not mad. It's true--he proved it, last night. (And at the end of the show, Andrew Hozier-Byrne thanked everyone on his team... all the musicians, the light guys, the sound guys, PR and management... and on behalf of everyone at the show last night, I say thank you, too!)

Sold-out crowd enjoying Hozier
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful show.

Want to hear more? Buy the album, "Hozier". Check out the video from the Grammies. See if you can beg, borrow or steal a ticket from one of the other dates on the tour--this was just the beginning.

Anyone who knows me will know how much I was itching to shoot this show. I hope that one day soon, I have the opportunity to photograph a Hozier show. I promise to do it justice.

Thank you, Hozier. Come back to Sacramento soon. We miss you already. There might be a road trip in my future...

(Oh and tour organizers? That's how it should be. One support act to set the scene, and the main star of the evening, with a full-length, wonderful performance. And then everyone goes home happy at a decent time of night. And they buy loads of merch. Yes, that's the way to do it.)

(How did I first hear Hozier? By following a YouTube path when listening to Rag'N'Bone man... if you like Hozier, you may enjoy him too.)

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