Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HELLYEAH: Blood for Blood at the Ace of Spades, 8th February

Chad Gray, HELLYEAH, Sacramento, 2015
Chad Gray, Hellyeah
We could have stayed home and watched the Grammies, but we preferred to go to the Ace of Spades. fill it with humanity, and see a great night of rock, instead. Because we all know how much rock there is at the Grammies, right? And because... Sacramento loves Hellyeah!

Vinnie Paul, drums, HELLYEAH, Sacramento, 2015
Vinnie Paul, Hellyeah

Headliners-superband Hellyeah stole the show. Vinnie Paul, he of Pantera, standing and waving to the crowd from behind his raised drum kit. Tom Maxwell of Nothingface on guitar; Kyle Sanders on bass, and of course, Mudvayne and Hellyeah frontman, Chad Gray.

But this is more than a sum of parts, previous experience, other bands... this is Hellyeah, and unique, and a great show!

This was a show to watch from the back of the room, on the balcony, to see the full light show and audience interaction. The crowd moved as one, like an ocean of Chad's extended family.

Chad Gray, HELLYEAH, Sacramento, 2015
Chad Gray, Hellyeah
It wasn't really a show for photography: far too little light for the cameras. But there are a few shots in the Toon's Tunes Hellyeah gallery (or click on any of the photos in this post)... and if you missed them at Aftershock last year, see the Toon's Tunes Hellyeah Aftershock 2014 gallery too!

Catch Hellyeah's tour throughout the USA--and at Download, Castle Donnington, UK too! Go see them! You'll have fun!!!

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