Saturday, February 7, 2015

Otep's tour stop at the Boardwalk, Orangevale: Thira, Downfall 2012, Zeroclient, Cataclysmic Assault

I preface this review with the fact that, much as I really wanted to see Otep again, by ten PM on Thursday the 'flu, a migraine, and three weeks of non-stop travel caught up with me with a vengeance... and rather than hide out in the bathroom at the Boardwalk, I went home to feel ill in private. So... I didn't get to see Otep, nor the final support act Terror Universal. Next time. (And next time, hopefully before 11 pm on a weekday-workday-evening...

zeroclient, The Boardwalk, Orangevale CA
Opening the evening's show was local band Zeroclient, and these guys get better each time I see them. They are working it... look out for them.

Cataclysmic Assault, Boardwalk, Orangevale CA
Cataclysmic Assault
Then came Cataclysmic Assault (try saying that quickly ten times... I keep mis-spelling it!), thrash metal from Yuba City.

Danny Gil, vocalist, Downfall 2012, Orangevale, CA
Downfall 2012
Then Downfall 2012. These guys are something else... three-man, multi-instrumentalist band, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, home-made percussion from all sorts of containers... and a didgeridoo. Yep. They were fun, entertaining, musical and yes, I'd go see them again. Hailing from Houston, Texas, you can find out more about Downfall 2012 on Facebook and on FeedTheMuse.

Here's an example of their music, official video (it starts really quiet... wait for it!):

And then Thira... always a good show, the steampunk-rockers are visually-intriguing, very energetic, and fun to watch.

Thira, Boardwalk, Orangevale CA
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