Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And this is plain awesome... Hozier and Annie Lennox

In case you missed the Grammies (if, like me, you were at the Hellyeah show), then I'm sharing this here. This would have been my own Grammies; highlight. While I enjoy Sam Smith's music and song, this young man, Hozier, has something timeless... and with Annie? Wow...

(See this review for why I so would like to see Annie Lennox live again. It's been far to long! Must be at least XX years since a night way-back-when at Leicester's De Montfort Hall... sigh.)

Reminder: Hozier plays the Ace of Spades tomorrow night, 11th February. If you don't have a ticket, you might get lucky somehow... radio station giveaways? Expensive resale ticket? But that would be very, very lucky. The show has been sold out, for months.

You might just have to make do with this video. Put it on repeat. Real voices. Real songs. I love it. Oh and don't forget to check out Annie Lennox's album, Nostalgia.

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