Saturday, February 14, 2015

More pictures from the Hellyeah Blood For Blood tour: Archer, Like a Storm, Devour The Day

Archer, Sacramento
Archer, opening the evening, Sacramento
Apart from Like a Storm, who had a tiny-little-bit more light, the entire evening was rather... dark. From a photographer's point-of-view, that is. As mentioned earlier in the Hellyeah review, better just to watch and listen to the show, and have fun that worry about the photos!

The evening began with Archer, a three-man rock band from Santa Cruz, definitely a Megadeth influence there, and maybe a little Steve Vai

Matt Brooks, guitar, Like A Storm, Sacramento
Matt Brooks, Like A Storm, Sacramento
Next up were Like a Storm, the three Brooks brothers, all the way from New Zealand, performing mostly covers... and a didgeridoo. I couldn't quite believe it--two didgeridoos in one week, in Northern California. Go figure.

Chris Brooks, vocals, Like A Storm, Sacramento
Chris Brooks, Like A Storm, Sacramento
Main support act put on a rocking show--Devour The Day,  Very enjoyable and worth seeing.

Devour The Day, Sacramento
Devour The Day, Sacramento
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