Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sacramento Blue Trees project

About twenty trees, on 13th Street in downtown Sacramento, between J and K streets towards the Capitol, are currently blue, grace of Konstantin "Kon" Dimopoulos. You can find out more about his installations, and the driving force behind them, here:

I'm told that no public money was invested in this art; the idea is raising awareness of how important trees are to the health of the world. Without trees, we will not survive. The paint is harmless and will disappear over time.

The affect is certainly shocking. I can't say that I noticed or "became aware" of the trees more than usual, because as a gardener, I tend to notice these things which shade us, provide leaves for compost, shelter for squirrels and birds, and just pure beauty; I notice trees more when they are missing or hurt. But if this "art" makes more people aware, and more considerate of trees, then fantastic...

I drove home down J Street and Fair Oaks. I can't say I noticed more trees than usual. I did, however, notice everything that was blue: benches, bus stops, a 99c store sign, a couple of ugly cars, a disabled parking sign, a woman's dress... and above it all, the beautiful October-blue Northern California sky.

It was a beautiful Sunday for visiting the blue trees.

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