Friday, October 5, 2012

Next year, maybe I'll just grow flowers

Maybe next summer, I'll just grow flowers. And winter squash. Nothing else.

The tomato harvest was pitiful; I'll be planting them on the other side of the house, next year, where they flourished last year. And moving the roses that I planted in their place this year, because they don't get quite enough sun, and they are stretching towards the south. The tomatoes, despite needing lots of sun and heat and light, scorched badly on the south side, while the "volunteers"--stray seeds from last year--had a bountiful crop in the shade. So yes, I will grow tomatoes next year.

And herbs, of course. And peas. Oh and broad beans, they were wonderful. More broad beans.

I planted too-many garden/French beans and we didn't eat them because they were tough as old boots.The turkeys ate most of the melons, and scratched up about ten packets of baby carrots until I covered them with chicken-wire... which volunteer melons then grew all over so that the turkeys would stomp them... But fresh carrots are just wonderful, so I will keep trying with those, and parsnips, and oh that chard just looks so beautiful for so long I'll have to keep growing that too.

The beetroot did well, so did the aubergines and hot peppers. It looks like a jewel-box of red and yellow and green and black chilis right now. So I will grow all of those next year.

Oh and we have to have at least a few new fresh potatoes... and salad/lettuce... and cucumbers cos they did really well, and all the squash...

So maybe next summer, I'll just do it all over again.

And now for the "winter" planting.

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  1. we need to have a swap. i got loads of toms, really great ones, but the aubergines were crap. squashes were mostly a wash, but the courgettes were INSANE and the cucs did well. kale did well. carrots wouldn't germinate.