Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday was fine!

Planted the new salvia(s) in the front garden, the herbs in the herb garden, and finished the first of the three vegetable beds with more sowings of parsnip, lettuce, mesclun, beetroot and peas. Weeded the side foundation bed (where the raspberry plants are starting to grow) and added two blueberry bushes. Will have to add a cage or net very soon.

Drove the truck to the feed store on Greenback--the one with the life-size model horse in the parking lot, which they dress up for Hallowe'en), bought four bales of straw, and used them to mulch the potatoes. I am not going to trench them up--rather mulch them down. Will see if it works, or if I end up with masses of green-and-poisonous spuds. Some of them are blue potatoes--how can you tell if they are green?

Also planted two dormant tall phloxes--one blue, one white--behind the pool fence, one near the globe artichokes, and one closer to the vegetable garden.

I have a mass of gladioli and dahlia corms/tubers to plant. Where to begin?

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